JustNature is a brand that belongs to Onplanb Co Ltd, aiming to bring a "healthy daily life" to its customers through constant trials of discovering natural active ingredients that are capable of maximizing the natural healing power of the human body. Over the past few years, we have been focusing on the ingredient known as anthocyanins, of which Aronia berries are choke-full and acknowledged as the top holder. We had several Aronia-based items produced by GMP or HACCP certified manufacturers.  We have established our laboratory(JustNature BioLab) at POSTECH to carry out a study on Aronia extract powder supported by North Gyeongsang Province. We believe that the foods we take for health should also be from 'just nature'. So we pursue the ingredients for our health-promoting products to be "100% natural" without any artificial chemicals or additives. JustNature aims to be a small giant with big dreams rather than being just big in the field of what we do.
Why Aronia? The super food, aronia Aronia berries in poland one of the cleanest regions in Europe,  contain an extensive amount of phytochenicals, which wurvive through the severe winter cold under -20℃ and harsh ultraviolet rays of the summer heat continuing for more than five rainless months. Amongst those phytochemicals anthocyanin in particular is well noted for its antioxidative property to be reported as a apowerful antioxidant, a flavonoid polyphenol not only protecting plants from ultraviolet rays and viruses but also transforming free oxygen radicals (harmful oxygen molecules) existing in our bodyy into harmless substance. Furthermore, aronia berries can be considered as a fusion of two major cultures, the East and the West, since they contain quite an amount of catechin-clss polyphenols besides anthocyanin, bringing the active ingredients of wine representing the western culture and those of green teas representing the eastern culture into one compound. this phytonutrient-packed aronia has been widely studied and belived to improve human health in the areas of cardiovascular wupport, glucose metabolism, cellular health, gastric support, anti-inflammatory activity, and antioxidant capacity.
Nutritional Elements of Aronia ANTHOCYANINS The Most Powerful Antioxidant Anthocyanin is a flavonoid polyphenol not only protecting plants from ultraviolet rays and viruses, but also transforming free oxygen radicals (harmful oxygen molecules) existing in our body into a harmless substance.
Contents comparison of Anthocyanins in major berries THE KING OF BERRIES, ARONIA You will find the difference.
Contents of Anthocyanin(mg) in fresh berries of 100g THE RICHEST  ANTHOCYANINS IN ARONIA A research result clearly shows that Aronia berries contend the largest amount of anthocyanins among the  berries we are familiar with. “USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods Release 3.2” published by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in 2015 J,Wiska-Jeszka, J.tos, M.Pawlak, “Fruits as bioflavonoids sources”, Acta Aliment, Polonica XVII(XLI)(1991)11-19

Main Products

ARONIA ADE AND SMOOTHIE Aronia Ade Ingredients : JustAronia65 3T, no-flavor soda 200ml, ice cubes 8 Aronia Smoothie Ingredients : JustAronia65 3T, milk 200ml, powder yogurt 2.5T, ice cubes 8 SALAD DRESSIONG MIXED WITH JUSTARONIA65 Mix JustAronia65 with balsamic vinegar or any salad dressing you have at the ratio you prefer to enjoy a fresh antioxidant salad. JAM MIXED WITH JUSTARONIA65 Mix some amount of JustAronia65 with any kind of jam you have at home. Then it will turn into a rich antioxidant jam with fresh berry flavor.

Company Introduction

ONPLANB CO., LTD. was launched in 2016 with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle for consumers through the consumption of berries, with a particular focus on anthocyanins. These beneficial plant pigments are found in high concentrations in black chokeberries and have been shown to have potential health benefits such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. From the beginning, we have partnered with local experts in Poland to import premium chokeberry concentrate to produce Aronia products such as JustAronia65 and JustAronia Light.

In 2018, we applied for a US trademark and completed the necessary FDA registrations (FCE, FFR) to launch the JustNature brand in the US. In July of the same year, we joined Amazon US and opened an online brand store on Amazon. Currently, JustAronia65 is one of the top three products in the Aronia Juice category on Amazon in the US, with over 300 consumer reviews and an impressive average rating of over 4.4, indicating high satisfaction among discerning American consumers.

As a professional distributor, we not only distribute but also specialize in manufacturing products using the OEM method. Our products are manufactured according to HACCP in GMP-accredited production facilities, ensuring food hygiene and safety. We try to use high-quality raw materials, sourced at their place of origin because we believe that healthy food always starts with good ingredients.

ONPLANB's goal is to be a small giant with big dreams, rather than just being big in what we do. We aim to achieve this by discovering natural compounds that can maximize the natural healing power of the human body.

Earlier this year (2023) we launched our new product, the Blossom Berry Collagen Jelly Stick. This collagen product comes in the form of jelly and contains a combination of berries. We hope this product will help us take a step closer to achieving our goal.
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5Times richer than the squeezed aronia juice 100% organic stay fit with daily berries